Startups that are part of Swedish Hotspot:

Adding SMS and voice to any application or service should be easy.

Visiba Group
We make the healthcare system as modern as it should be

3D customization service for fashion jewelry eCommerce stores.

Build, Preview & Publish native iOS & Android apps for free.

The design community for websites

Enabling virtual reality and augmented reality by providing positional tracking.

Engaging mobile learning – Business concepts summarised in an actionable format for companies striving to develop their business skills

Bringing under water GPS to recrational and professional divers

IAMIP Sverige
IAMIP – Brings out the magic in IP

Redefining the fan experience at sports arenas by improving the relation between fans, clubs and its members, through our mobile transaction and engagement platform.

Poppermost Productions
Building SNOW, the next generation of winter sports games for PC, Console, VR and Mobile. 

Enables proximity based mobile marketing

It's My Styl
A mobile fashion community for young women and teens who wants to create and share their personal style and receive feedback from their friends and peers

The fun way of learning a language!

Musqot Marketing Technology
Plan, Analyze & Optimize Your Marketing Activities

Plotagon is all about being creative, having fun and expressing yourself in different forms - through animated selfies, animated messages, personal emojis, greetings, short stories (plots), and most importantly, with your own characters (+6M combinations and growing)
Best New Apps by the Apple App Store in 24 countries, Red Dot: Best of the Best award 2015

The easiest most effective way for sales managers to motivate and manage their sales reps

Captivate, Interact and Promote with the premium touch screen software.