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Motivating and coaching sales reps is a critical factor for a successful sales organization. After many years of experience working in sales we, like many other sales organizations around the world, saw big challenges in motivating our sales reps and increase sales in a simple way. Sales teams do not have the optimal tools to motivate and manage their sales reps in their daily work in an efficient way. Sales managers still use traditional tools such as excel, word, whiteboards and email to daily manage their sales reps. 

In spring 2015 we decided to change the way sales organizations work and launched our first version of Saleskick. The system was developed by sales managers with the ambition to become the easiest and most effective way to motivate and manage sales reps. Today we work with sales organizations such as Tele2, Dagens Industri and Dagens Nyheter. We help sales organizations around the Nordics to increase sales, save time and make it more effective all at the same time.

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