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We are a sharing community and together with You ( the best design minds and dev doers) we are changing how thriving companies interact with their customers to scale faster and gain more clients.  Snowfire plattform is based on how entrepreneurs interact with their clients removing the tech hassle. They have more time to work with their branding (together with you) and focus on their clients.  If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together. We have extremely happy clients. Join the revolution.

Create a website that is always one step prettier for your clients and build e-commerce, blogs, events - all in one platform. Digital agencies, web designers and freelancers using the Snowfire platform manage all their Snowfire clients from a single account. With no design limitations (build freely with HTML & CSS), a client-friendly administrative area, no hosting hassles, it's has become easy to help your customer thrive.

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Find a web designer who will deliver a turnkey website and whom you can invite on your own website to ask questions whenever you need to. Our combined forces are unbeatable for providing you with design power, the ability to execute, and direction in terms of how to grow your online business with confidence. 

Join the movement. Thousands of clients run on Snowfire

Drag and insert image blocks anywhere – anyone can do it, and with the community at your fingertips you can always reach designers, SEO experts, photographers etc. when you need help. Sell online, create an event and start to reach out to your clients today.

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Ditte Hammarström

Ditte Hammarström


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Emil Sundberg


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Leo Sjöberg

Backend developer

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Ann Furbäck

Frontend developer

+46 76 824 52 20